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Welcome to my New Personal Website

Posted on January 12, 2013 at 12:05 AM

Welcome to my shiny new personal website! Do you like? I actually love it! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and helped me put it together.

A standalone personal website has actually been a long time in coming - nearly two years in fact.

I was against the idea of having one in the first place, as realistically I wondered who the hell would want to know anything about me? The projects, yes. But "me", no.

Then I started to get more and more questions from people, and eventually my PR team decided it was something I should consider. And here it is!

One of my biggest concerns about having a personal website in the first place and perhaps the reason I hesitated for so long was that I'm wasn't really sure what to say. Those who know me may laugh at that, as I love to talk - but being seen standalone or solo is quite a strange feeling for me as I am used to being part of a project, a group, a team, a rock band, or a creative collective. One of the most personal parts of this site is undoubtedly my biography. I have been sincere and honest. I hope it gives you an idea of what makes me who I am, and less of an anonymous face. It shall also hopefully help me to convey and explain the deep love and appreciation I have for film, television, music and generally for being creative.

Muchos love and appreciation in advance...


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