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Choose Life... a Review of MirroredProductions 'In The Dark' by Frank McGowan

Posted on April 4, 2014 at 7:15 PM

It was a rare treat to be invited along to see the debut performance of Mirrored Production's 'In The Dark' - a truly thought provoking piece of physical theatre produced by five BA Hons students - who coming together for their final year project wrote, developed and delivered something special that captivated its audience with each carefully crafted movement.

Without doubt one the most imoressive performances I've had the privilege to see recently in Scotland, the emotionally tumultuous 'In The Dark' delivered a powerful message of how the daily anxieties of the modern student lifestyle - peer pressure, money worries and stress from the sheer weight of academia and academic expectations can lead to mental health concerns, and that mental health issues don't display themselves in the standard over caricatured wrapping like they do in the movies.

These students - Joe (Steven Lambie), Abi (Rowan McDougall), Bell (Stephanie Muirhead), Jack (David Forrest)and Rachel (Megan Hilstones) are popular, trendy, good looking - and seemingly in control. However, you cannot judge a book by its cover.

We are cleverly given a snapshots from the lives of our five "typical" students, each struggling with their own moments of fragment and darkness.

Leaving the room certainly more informed and emotionally charged that I was when I entered, I united with the mixed age audience and rose to give standing ovation, which was not only well deserved but a shining expression of how stigma surrounding mental health and its stereotypes are changing as well as the depiction of mental health itself - and how we as a society we chose to approach it in our everyday language and in the media.

It was clear to see, feel and hear the passion from these students in their emotionally explorative performances, and I feel this is most certainly only the beginning.

Follow 'In The Dark' and Mirrored Productions on Twitter @mirroredp, or search "Mirrored Productions" on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out Choose Life and the fantastic work they do in Scotland to prevent teenage suicide -

If you or someone you know is experiecing thoughts of depression, anxiety or suecide, call Breathing Space now on 0800 838 587.


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