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Our Munster Memories Pre-Production...

Posted on September 15, 2014 at 5:25 PM

I am so excited right now to be planning my upcoming trip to Hollywood/Los Angeles for pre-production on the Our Munster Memories documentary. 

Not only is the film going to pay homage to America's First Family of Fright and its fans, but we shall be reuniting the original cast, crew and producers of both The Munsters and it's hit late 80's colour revival "The Munsters Today".

Who would have thought all those years ago as a kid growing up watching reruns of my favourite TV family I'd one day actually get the chance to meet the Munsters!

Contributors to the historic documentary film include John Schuck, Butch Patrick, Lee Meriwether, Jason Marsden, Hilary Van Dyke and Debbie Watson - as well as cast from Supernatural and NBC's Munster-riffic re-imagining Mockingbird Lane.

Stay tuned to my blog for updates, news and details of the project - and remember to check out the Our Munster Memories IMdB and Twitter!


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