Press/Media Clippings Press/Media Clippings NEW FILM WILL BE A MUNSTER SMASH: 199265160 THE LEADING ZOMBIE: 199265161 SCOTS GO GLOBAL: 199265162 BUSINESS INSIDER RISING STARS: 199265163 HERALD SCOTLAND INTERVIEW WITH FRANK McGOWAN: 199265165 ALL RISE FOR BOYBAND: 199265166 TRADIGITAL TV: 199265168 PILOT SHOW PREMIÈRE: 199265135 CLIPPING: 199265236 ENTERTAINMENT COVER: 199265237 WIN A £12k MAKEOVER: 199265238 PREMIÈRE ATTRACTION: 199265239 NINETY EIGHT PERCENT - PILOT: 199265240 SCOTCAMPUS BAND OF THE MONTH: 199265351 LOCAL - ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS: 199265352 ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS INTERVIEW - EVENING TIMES: 199265353 MAS PANIC WITH JIM GELLATLY: 199265354 RAIL DEBRIS SAFETY FEARS: article from 2001 199265355 ROYSTON'S ROCK FAMILY: Including Eric and the Bunny Boilers. 199265356 LOCAL GROUPS NEW CD SPREADING THE WORD: Article from 2002. 199265357 VANILLA FUDGE SUPPORT: US punk band Vanilla Fudge appear with support from Eric and the Bunny Boilers. 199265358