Christina Littleson Show Pulse FM 98.4 Christina Littleson Show Pulse FM 98.4 Green Room Arriving with my chaperone, Amanda Ottley. Time for some laughs! 205189543 Coffee Table How funky is this coffee table at Pulse 98.4? 205189548 Amanda on the couch! So comfy! 205189553 Elmo We saw a Rockin Elmo at the studio! 205189544 No, Frank! You can't take it home, Frank! 205189547 Elmo with Guitar He looks so good with that guitar! 205189555 Selfie Time for a quick selfie before heading into the studio! 205189549 Selfie-tastic! Another quick selfie before going on air! 205189546 We did it! Just finished in the studio! What a great afternoon! 205189550 Time to go home! Time to head home after an amazing afternoon at Pulse 98.4. We hope to be back soon! 205189552 All smiles! Amanda makes any day brighter! 205189556 Jukebox How amazing is this old jukebox at Pulse FM? 205189554