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Following an accident at home aged 8 years old, young Francis (Frank) McGowan was left unable to play or go outside, confined to a makeshift bedroom downstairs. Inspired to make his own home movies by the books his friends had borrowed from the library, a passionate exploration of the "behind the scenes of film and television" began, and as his mother wheeled in the big television set from the front room, he watched countless hours of his favourite TV shows and movies - taking notes and writing scripts, with dreams that with determination and hard work, he could one day be a director...

Now a multi-award winning producer, director, musician and entrepreneur, Frank McGowan has made his mark across a broad spectrum of the creative industry as one-half of the “dynamic duo” behind BAD PONY MEDIA PRODUCTIONS in Glasgow, who since 2008 have produced award winning content for major broadcasters, local government and video clients including MICROSOFT, LADBROKES and SAVE THE CHILDREN

He also plays in rock band ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS, who after forming at high-school entered the BT BROADBAND NEW MUSIC CHART in 2005 with their rock anthem "Heard You Say".

Early Life and Growing Up in Glasgow:

Francis Mark Courtney McGowan was born on 23 March 1981 at Glasgow's STOPBILL HOSPITAL.  A "fun-loving", "imaginative" and "enthusiastic young man" - he grew up in PROVANMILL in the North of Glasgow, attending ST. PHILOMENA'S PRIMARY SCHOOL,  ST. ROCH'S SECONDARY SCHOOL and later TURNBULL HIGH SCHOOL in BISHOPBRIGGS.

Being bullied at school for being assumed "gay" following the death of his Mum at Christmas in 1994 and his Father's decline into alcoholism shortly after, added to upset and uncertainty at home - and throwing himself fully into creative projects armed with his Dad's best friend's camcorder, he began making his own more professional movies about "the people and things he saw around him" – typically featuring "friends, family, neighbours and even pets in starring roles".  

More ambitious projects were set to follow throughout his tumultuous college years - including low budget shorts made using action figures and miniature sets built from cereal boxes, music videos and an anti-drugs film with matte paintings on glass to achieve impressive "special effects"

Current Film, TV and Creative Projects:

With the recent re-branding of BAD PONY MEDIA in 2018 as the new internationally acclaimed  "Bad Pony Media Productions", recently completed projects include TOP HATS and JUST PEOPLE.  Projects currently in development, include hotly anticipated TV drama NINETY EIGHT PERCENT,  horror feature EVENING OF THE DEAD and documentary film OUR MUNSTER MEMORIES - seeing Frank make an historic film and TV pilgrimage to the US to meet cast, crew and fans of TV sitcom family The Munsters.

Frank is also working on his first novel OCTOBER STORM – a book about “life growing up gay in Glasgow”

ERIC AND THE BUNNY BOILERS announced their return to the UK music scene with new studio album THE EX FILES out now, with singles THE PSYCHOPATH NEXT DOOR, STRAIGHT GIRL, ONCE UPON A TIME and RUNAROUND

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IMAGES CREDITS:  (left to right) The Scottish Sun Variety Awards 2012/Bad Pony Media, Geo Wright/Eric and the Bunny Boilers and Karen Gordon Photography. 

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